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Episode 46: Christmas 2018

Here’s our Christmas present to you. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Episode 45: Christmas Faves

Welcome to the final episode of season 1!  We’ve loved our year with you and can’t wait for season 2.  Merry Christmas, Listener.  Please enjoy our Christmas faves.

Episode 44: Thanksgiving Recap

In this episode, Josselyn and Lauren talk about their Thanksgivings, the start of their Christmas traditions and the greatest Christmas movies of all time.

Episode 43: Black Friday Dos and Don’ts

To Black Friday or Not to Black Friday.  Is there really a question?  Apparently…yes.  This just in, Josselyn and Lauren disagree…

Episode 42: Veterans Day

A very happy Veterans Day to you and all the veterans in your life. We are truly moved and better for your service and sacrifice. Join us this week as we honor those in our lives that gave so much.

Episode 41: Halloween Infertility

Upon listening to this episode, I feel like you’ll understand how difficult it was to find a title.  Don’t judge me.  As Your Blonde Host says, “from the highs of Halloween to the lows of infertility,” this episode is strangely filled with love and laughter.

Episode 40: Fitness Kaite 

This week’s guest is exercise scientist Kaite Rude! We didn’t even know that exercise was a science, and now we’re feeling pretty smart.

Episode 39: Book Club; Mommy edition

Check it out!  Josselyn and I agree on somethings!  Here are some great book suggestions for you.  Welcome to Book Club: Mommy Edition.  Here are some of our favorite non-fiction books!  Not everything could make it into our episode this week, so be sure to check out our show notes for our listener suggestions!

Episode 38: The Empowered Mama with Lisa Druxman

Please welcome this week’s guest, Lisa Druxman.  Lisa hosts The Empowered Mama podcast as well as the founder of Fit4Mom!  Prepare yourself to bask in all the wisdom.

Episode 37: Ask Us Anything

Seriously, anything!  We love our listeners and we love your questions!

Episode 36: Fall Favorites

It’s Fall!  Woo-hoo!  Come enjoy the crisp, glorious atmosphere with us!  We’ll all just revel in this season together, shall we?

Episode 35: The War On Normal

Welcome to our guest Sarah Blight!  Sarah co-wrote the book The War on Normal.  It’s a fantastic look inside our brains as moms and our post baby bodies, plus a few laughs to go with it.  Also, varting.  This episode was fun.

Episode 34: Tough Topics

Who knew the birds and the bees talk would be so tough? Every other generation before us? That and much more in this week’s episode where we talk about talking to our kids about tough topics.

Episode 33: Captain Planet

Whether you’re yellow, blue or full on green, we’ve got you covered in grace and laughter this week.  Check it out!  It’s episode 33: Captain Planet!

Episode 32: Labor Stories

Labor stories for Labor Day!  Also, you can sign our made up petition to change Labor Day to be just another day to celebrate moms.  We think it’s important.  Enjoy!

Episode 31: Family Friendly Meals and Prep

You guys asked for it!  Be sure to check out our website for all the suggested family friendly recipes that we talk about in this episode.  Bon appetit!  Also, please welcome our adorable guest, Viola.

Episode 30: Leveraging Time With Your Kids

This episode is all about squeezing the most out of your day like a good, fresh juice and giving a full glass to your thirsty children.  That analogy sucked.  But you get the idea…

Episode 29: School Lunch and Snack Prep

Who else is completely not ready for this?  Join me, will you?  We’ve nourished our children all their lives and yet somehow, this is a whole new feat…

Episode 28: Back To School

Our back to school episode gave me the feels. Whether you’re a veteran or this is your first rodeo, we’re glad you’re here!

Episode 27: We See You 

To all you mamas out there.  We see you.  You’re doing so awesome.  Keep it up.  You got this!  

Episode 26: Doing Life Together

Doing life together…killing spiders for each other…it’s all part of the same thing…

Episode 25: Madlibs and other nonsense

Let’s lighten it up a bit this week, shall we?  Behold!  Josselyn’s unedited mastery of the English language.  Hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

Episode 24: Miscarriage and Loss

This one’s going to be a little different, folks, but we thought it was important.  We are sharing our stories of loss and heartache around what is unfortunately a very common issue.  It’s a little longer because we felt like it was needed.  We’ll be back at you next week with something a little lighter.  We promise.

Episode 23: Please Don’t

Friends, you spoke and we listened.  Here is a full episode of things not to say to anyone…ever.  No seriously.  Don’t.  Why are you still talking?  Also, fair warning, we may disparage the name of Dora the Explorer a bit… Enjoy!

Episode 22: What the What?!?

In this episode, we talk about the ridiculous “normal” aspects of motherhood.  But, hey, what is “normal” anyway?

Episode 21: Father’s Day

Huh, that’s interesting.  We have significantly less to say about Father’s Day than we did about Mother’s Day.  I wonder why that is…

Episode 20: The Husbands Behind The Messy Buns Part 2

Well, summer is fun and full of out of town adventures.  Our darling husbands actually had enough to say to fill two shows!   We’re shocked.  I think Marc has met his word quota for a few weeks now…

Episode 19: The Husbands Behind The Messy Buns Part 1

It’s Happening!  Our darling husbands join us on this Memorial Day show, and I don’t know how you feel about it, but we had a blast!  Thanks, husbands, for being our special guests.  We think you’re great.

Episode 18: Road Trip!

We’ll get there when we get there!!!  Just kidding- we’ll get there when we feel like it.  Here’s episode 18 or How To Not Go Insane In The Car.

Episode 17: This vs. That

In this episode we debate the serious things in life like do nuts belong in brownies?  Or should a good friend even ask you to choose between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings?  Things get real…

Episode 16: Mother’s Day

It’s our first Mother’s Day episode!  Today we’re being super selfish and declaring that we should have a day in which we are celebrated.  

Celebrate us!  Do it.  Do it now!!

Episode 15: Date Night with Maddi Kohnen

Please welcome our first guest Madeleine Kohnen.  Maddi is an awesome wife,  mom of two, lover of rice (apparently) and author of the blog ThriveThrityOne.  We’re going to talk about date night…and all the things that go along with that…

Follow ThriveThrityOne (Now The Dandelion Puff Diaries)  on Facebook and  Instagram and make sure to check her out below:

Episode 14: Earth Day Outdoor Adventures!

Outdoor adventures with small humans, plus the quest to be green, natural, bicycling, fake fruit filled chewy granola moms.

Episode 13: Family Mission

This episode is all about finding function in intention.  Hopefully, our latest chat will help you crush it when it comes to parenting and growing as a family!

Episode 12: Expectations vs. Reality

Our expectations may be high, but reality hits hard when Mexico throws up in your kitchen.

Episode 10: Love Languages

Love Languages, and more talk about “napping.”  This one’s a great one to listen to with the husband!

Episode 9: Kids Say (And Do) The Darndest Things

Welcome to episode 9 where we prove beyond a doubt that either our kids are crazy or we are. Or both. Maybe both.

Episode 8: House Rules

In this episode, all cards are on the table. We talk house rules; The spoken and maybe not so spoken rules that make our households run smoothly…well maybe…

Episode 7: Making Grown-up Friends

Making grown- up friends.  Finding your tribe.  Call it what you like, we’re diving in to this.  Or…maybe running through fields with this…

Episode 6: Weekly Chaos

Welcome to our weekly chaos.  You’re in good company here, ladies.  Trust us.

Episode 5: Family Vacation

Family vacations, when you need a map, or don’t and the skinny on what was floating in Cadence’s bath. Find it all right here, folks!

Episode 4: Pet Peeves

Stop doing these things.  Seriously.  Just stop.  And also, we’d like to apologize to Germany.  Sorry, Germans.

Episode 3: Favorite Things

We’re like Oprah.  But not as cool.  And also we don’t have free stuff to give away…  

Episode 2: Finding Time For Yourself

In this Episode, Josselyn and Lauren discuss the impossible: Finding time for yourselves. Mamas, let’s get real.

Episode 1: Mommy Fail

In this episode, Josselyn and Lauren dive right in to what it means to fail like a mom.  I mean boss.  Fail like a boss.

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