Hi! We’re

Lauren and Josselyn

and we’re the Messy Bun Girls

We created this podcast with the intention to drown out the negative noise of the world.  We need more voices of encouragement and love!  And, oh yeah, we should have some laughs too.

So, this is for all the dishwashers, taxi drivers, therapist,  personal chefs, stylists and shoppers out there.  A.K.A all you moms!

From left to right: Cadence, Josselyn, Stina and Jason.  You’ll hear us talk about these guys a lot.

Welcome! I’m Josselyn (your blonde host) I’m a part-time worship leader, full-time wife and mother with coffee in hand and a messy bun.  I struggle with laundry, staying organized, and balancing life and I know I’m not alone.  I love laughing and encouraging others.  I have a beautiful family though I may be a bit bias.  We serve together, we do hard things, and we cuddle a lot.  I am excited to share my messy bun life with all the mamas out there

Hey, it’s Lauren, your ginger host.  I am the Chief Mothering Officer of my lovely family.  But, let me tell you, sometimes this CMO needs a private jet and a trip to France.  Can I get an amen?  I want to serve you other mamas and wives out there by sharing my story and my experiences in the hopes that we can grow and learn together.

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From left to right: David, Marc, Lauren and Viola

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